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Creating a Cookbook & Recipe Cards

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Hey, Y'all - Stefani here from Styles by Stefani.  Just wanted to stop in during the holidays to make a little suggestion for a fun project.  As you go through the holidays and you prepare those special meals and treats, snap some pictures of them.  Why you ask???  Well, I have two fun project ideas..... We all have that one special something that everyone is always asking for the recipe or maybe you are the fabulous cook of your family!  For me, I have really upped my game the last few years and started making some elaborate meals.  Now is the time of year that I do a lot more elaborate meals and some heavier/comfort favorites along with making those fun candies, desserts and snacks to take to parties and pot lucks!  So, for me that means....time to get my camera out!

So here is fun project number one:  I recently thought of making a cookbook starring me and my rock star meals.  Then it grew and now I want to make a comfort food book, an elegant meals cookbook, a campground cookbook, and a dessert/snack cookbook.  All a little series staring me and my culinary talents.  I think this will be a great reference for me and it will encourage my husband to participate in meal planning as he flips through some pics of his wife's yummy creations.  I love the idea of passing these recipes on to other family members, too.  Also, when someone comes to dinner and they ask me for the recipe, I can just take the page out of the book and make a copy for them on our flatbed scanner/copier.  I make many crafts for other people, but this is something I think would be 100% me!  So excited to get started! 

And, here is fun project number two:  I had the pleasure recently to stay at Memory Lane Inn McKinney for a girls weekend.  It was a full house and our host suggested a midnight dessert buffet one evening. It was AMAZING!  How fun would it be to make that special snack or dessert that is your go to item and show off your handy work?  And then as an added twist....have a recipe card exchange.  Each person makes enough recipe cards to exchange with the group and everyone leaves with some great recipes that they had the chance to try right then and there.  So if you have 14 guests at the house, you make 14 identical recipe cards of your treat....everyone should agree on a size of card to use and make the card before hand (or have them finished by the time they leave the retreat for the weekend).  I suggest doing this like a card swap....pull out all the stops....decorate those cards, make them really special while including your recipe and make sure your name is on that card too.  Then everyone exchanges cards and leaves with enough recipe cards to make a fun book of tried and true recipes!  You could even make the book as a group at the retreat.

Stay tuned as I hope to be sharing pics of my projects with you soon!  Check out Styles by Stefani on December 30th for a special project that will include a preview of my first cookbook in the series starring ME!   

Have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season!