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Guest Blogger: Stefani Chastain

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Short bio: Hey, Y'all....It's Stefani from Styles By Stefani.  I'm so excited to be a guest contributor on the Memory Lane Inn blog.  I'm a crafter from Plano.  Married for 10 years and the mom of two spoiled rotten Boston Terriers!  My day job is as an accountant, but I love working on anything creative!  I love making gifts for other people, but I really don't like making the same thing twice, so I try to keep it fresh!  Another of my favorite activities is organizing!  I love making lists and planning as well as organizing anything from the pantry to my garage. 


How did you get started crafting?  I come from a long line of crafty ladies....sewing, crocheting and needlework.  While my first "hobby" was organizing (yes -- I spent my first paycheck as a teen at The Container Store), I began scrapbooking in the late 90s....I didn't know what I was doing and love looking back at those first albums.  I have a touch of OCD, so I quickly began collecting supplies and had to have my own craft room (which was totally organized)!  BTW - Flash forward 15 years and I have a mess of a craft room that I can barely find a thing in......It is the vain of my existence!  More to come on that later....Now I also enjoy other paper crafting, making gifts of all kinds, sewing and home decorating!  And, cooking is another passion, but I guess that doesn't fall into crafting!


What are crafting products you can’t live without? My major passion is using vinyl.  I love it in all forms....vinyl for the walls, vinyl for the car, vinyl for glass, vinyl for t-shirts!  I love all the possibilities!


Why is Memory Lane Inn your favorite scrapbook and craft retreat?  I really enjoy all of the amenities at MLI.  There isn't anything left undone.  I appreciate that my stay is all-inclusive and I'm not nickeled and dimed for everything and there are always plenty of snacks and drinks and coffee to enjoy.  Also, there is a ton of movies to watch and super comfy beds!  I love the little treat left on my bed....I try not to open it until the 2nd day...after I have unpacked and settled in and then I go in for the goodies!  Another plus is the little store....nothing more frustrating than trying to finish a card or layout and not having just the right thing or in just the right color.....Well, look in the little store and it is there! I have always been obsessed with older houses and love the feel of MLI Tyler!  I love sitting on the porch or in the backyard planning my next project or having a glass of wine or talking with my friends.  We always have to watch Sweet Home Alabama at least 3 times a weekend and I love trying to be the last one to stay up, but I never make it!  MLI Tyler feels like a get away for me....I love being AWAY from everything.  I enjoy MLI McKinney too because while it offers much of the same amenities as Tyler....I can get out there quickly and like to go out there on last minute weekends and love making new friends in the mixed group!


I wanted to share a few projects I've made recently and I hope to get to share more of my style coming soon!